Nauticus Robotics Presents at the UN Roundtable on Energy Transition Industries

Nauticus Robotics was proud to take part in the United Nations Roundtable — “Energy Transition Industries: Solutions to Achieving SDG’s.”

Nauticus Robotics was proud to take part in the United Nations Roundtable — “Energy Transition Industries: Solutions to Achieving SDG’s.” This event, held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Thursday, December 1, was supported by Roth Capital Partners and served as an important platform for industry leaders to get together and discuss innovative solutions to help combat climate change.

During the Roundtable, experts and investors from different realms of the energy sector discussed strategies for meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, collaborating on solutions designed to achieve these objectives while providing a natural hedge for inflation, which is closely related to the growing energy crisis we are facing. SDGs examined more closely during the event included 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, 13: Climate Action, 14: Life Below Water, and 17: Global Partnerships for the Goals.

At Nauticus Robotics, our focus is on capturing the value needed to create a healthy, sustainable ocean economy. Our mission is to build green underwater robotics for the blue economy to support sustainable growth and preservation of ocean-related sectors while also improving human well-being.

Nicolaus Radford at UN conference

The Role of the Blue Economy in UN SDGs

KPMG suggests we can’t go green without going blue: the blue economy, a sustainable ocean-based economy, is a crucial missing piece in the sustainability equation, encompassing its three pillars of economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental preservation — all issues integral to the 2030 Agenda. A sustainable use of the oceans is at the core of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set in 2015.

According to the United Nations, The Blue Economy is a large source of employment, as well, with an estimated turnover between $3 and $6 trillion. This is particularly important considering that about 40 percent of the world’s population living at or near the ocean depends on the oceans for their livelihood.

United Nations Sustainable Blue Economy initiatives aim to facilitate sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits, engaging with countries, partners and relevant stakeholders to implement sustainable, climate-resilient and inclusive blue economy policies. The challenges related to ocean industries are amplified in small countries and amongst the coastal populations, where the Blue Economy is at the very center of environmental, economic, and social considerations. Nonetheless, the Blue Economy has not received the central place it deserves in the sustainability agenda, which has so far mostly focused on land.

The United Nations Roundtable offers a unique platform for industry leaders to deepen their relationships with key stakeholders across the world and, in turn, add great value to global communities. We are proud to be a part of this important initiative, joining countless others in the effort to make our planet a safer and more sustainable habitat both now and in the future.

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