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Nauticus Robotics is plotting a course toward a blue-economy-powered future. Our mission is to make that journey as sustainable as possible. Join us as an investor and help us shape the next generation of autonomous, eco-friendly ocean robotics and vessels.

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Blue Economy Potential

With the sea and coastal areas combined, the blue economy brings in approximately $2.5 trillion per year. The ocean and its shores are therefore highly valuable — and will grow in import over time — but are constantly under threat due to climate change and the harmful industrial practices of a bygone era.
Nauticus Robotics aims to develop blue resources while focusing steadfastly on green, sustainable methods and technologies. With products like Aquanaut, Hydronaut and Olympic Arm, the company is proving that efficiency and cost-savings can also be environmentally friendly.

About Nauticus Robotics

Nauticus Robotics designs and develops marine robotics for subsea and surface applications. The company was founded in 2014 as Houston Mechatronics by Nicolas Radford and Dr. Reg Berka, two former NASA leaders with decades of experience in robotics and engineering.

In 2021, Houston Mechatronics rebranded as Nauticus Robotics, committing itself fully to its mission of Green Robotics for a Blue Economy. Nauticus Robotics continues to grow and add talent from a variety of sectors, and has assembled an advisory board that includes the brightest minds in technology, energy and government.

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Nauticus Cleantech Jon Najarian Interview Video

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