HMI to provide 26 All-electric Olympic Arms to Triumph Subsea Services

Houston Mechatronics Inc. (HMI) is pleased to announce an agreement to provide 26 all-electric Olympic Arms to Triumph Subsea Services for their growing fleet of work class ROVs.  This landmark agreement represents the industry’s first commercialization of this groundbreaking technology.

Derived from HMI’s Aquanaut technological advancements, Olympic’s strength-weight-size characteristics within an electric manipulator make it a first of its kind and the operational benefits are even more impressive – Olympic will provide: high precision, repeatability & dexterity; zero working fluid;  lower overall power consumption; position & force feedback;  intelligent path planning; and integrated tool changing.   

Triumph Subsea Services is on a mission to disrupt vessel-based services by putting to use green technologies and automation intelligence that will drive offshore operational efficiencies.  Being the first to commercialize the use of HMI’s Olympic arm is one more example of Triumph executing their strategy.

“It’s refreshing to be working with such aggressive and like-minded partners. It will take a coalition of the willing to bring these kinds of technologies to market and Triumph continues to show they have the aligned vision and energy to see it through,” highlights HMI’s CEO Nicolaus Radford.