New ROV video tasks released

Check out our Youtube channel to see a neat video on how Aquanaut will accomplish automated ROV tasks:

In this video we demonstrate some of the unique aspects of Aquanaut’s all electric ROV arms.  Aquanaut has electric arms that are very different than a typical ROV.  The vehicle is capable of not only understanding the forces it is applying to a manipulated object, but to act if the forces are outside of set parameters.  The result?  Safer ops.  Aquanaut won’t be able to over-torque a valve or snap a valve stem.  That isn’t because of power (the manipulators are quite strong!), it is because the vehicle understands the force it is applying and is acting within a set of parameters an operator provided it.  If the action deviates beyond the set parameters the vehicle will stop, get to a safe distance, and communicate with a person over an acoustic or fibre optic link.

Another great feature we are working on is to remove the joystick from ROV operations.  ROV arms are tele-operated by humans on a low-latency, high-bandwidth link.  That is because the arms have little to no automation and sensing capability.  Aquanaut’s arms are loaded with sensing and automation technology and we leverage that in the way we operate them.

That leads to one of our most favorite sayings lately:  Mouse Clicks, Not Joysticks!