What does the future look like for home robots?

When you think of robotics, what comes to mind? Oversized creations on factory assembly lines? Caged technology in hidden laboratories? What about your living room? Home robots are no longer just fiction featured in Jetsons cartoons. As companies continue embracing and advancing today’s technologies, these captivating innovations are becoming more popular.

Kuri, a Mayfield Robotics creation Tech Crunch refers to as a “buddy bot,” moves around the home with help from fine-tuned sensors that aid in avoiding collisions with furniture, falls down stairs and similar hardships. The bot communicates through head nods, sound, light and eye movement, and can do everything from transmitting podcasts, to playing games and allowing you to check in on the house through its built-in HD camera. On top of everything, it’s also pretty cute.

Another home robot, Bosch’s Mykie, is aimed at helping kitchen appliances “talk” with one another, and making the cooking process more fun. As IEEE Spectrum reports, the countertop robot boasts a touchscreen, as well as a projector which allows you to display recipes directly on the wall. The robot can dream up recipes to cook with ingredients you already have, can preheat your smart oven with a simple command and even improve your cooking abilities by connecting you to online cooking courses.

These are just two examples in market that we expect will see rapid expansion in the coming years. It’s simply the next step. After all, the evolution of social media, online banking and, later, innovations such as the Amazon Echo, gradually warmed to the idea of trusting technology with their important information — and welcoming it into the home. We look forward to all the exciting possibilities and discoveries that lie ahead for both robots and the humans who use them.