At Nauticus Robotics, we believe we’re all responsible for protecting the world’s oceans. That’s why we created a highly sophisticated, ultra sustainable fleet of marine robotics — along with the intelligent software to power it.

Zero G to Net Zero

Our world-class team is composed of ex-NASA engineers — trailblazers — with decades of experience in researching, engineering and building space robotics. With our expertise and our technology, we aim to advance green subsea robotics in much the same way.

Green Robotics for a Blue Economy

The future of the Blue Economy depends largely on how we care for the ocean environment. That’s why we put so much focus on the sustainability of our robotics. At Nauticus, we’re building efficient, eco-friendly alternatives to the harmful methods of the past. Our technology is streamlining operations, protecting life in all its forms and reducing the carbon cost of developing the ocean’s resources.

The Opportunity

The overall oceanic economy, counting both the seas and the shores, amounts to $2.5 trillion per year. If the ocean were a country, it would have the seventh-largest GDP on Earth. That number could continue to grow — but only if our planet’s many seas remain in good health. That’s what we hope to ensure.

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